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The Akkadese Maelstrom, also known simply as the Maelstrom, was a cluster of matter in the Kessel sector containing interstellar gas, carbonbergs, ice chunks, and other large debris that surrounded the planet Kessel. Also within the Maelstrom was the Maw Cluster, as well as massive creatures known as summa-verminoth. The Kessel Run was a charted route through the Maelstrom, which was in close proximity to the planet Oba Diah, the base of operations for the Pyke Syndicate.[1]

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Solo: A Star Wars Story screenwriter Jon Kasdan has stated that the idea of the Akkadese Maelstrom was present since the film's first script draft. In Kasdan's words, the film's crew wanted a Jules Verne flavor and that they loved the idea of what might look like a storm in space. Industrial Light & Magic did tests in which they blew up canisters of different colored powder and photographed the explosion in slow-motion.[2]

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