The Rebel shuttle, on the landing pad of Akkalo Station.

Akkalo Station was a small spaceport that was located on the moon of Sulon and was operated by the Galactic Empire during the time of the Galactic Civil War.


Akkalo Station was very small and consisted of a walled compound, with a landing pad in the center. It had two watchtowers, to protect the central gate, and a sharp rise of rocks to the rear. A T8 loading vehicle was kept at the station, for loading and unloading starships.


Before the Galactic Civil War, Akkalo Station wasn't considered to be very important, so it was only assigned a skeleton crew of personnel: eight stormtroopers, two heavy stormtroopers, two Imperial officers and the technician Varan Cormin. Following the Battle of Endor, the Empire began a counter-offensive against Alliance to Restore the Republic forces on Sulon and the Alliance ordered all of their personnel on Sulon to retreat. However, scores of them were left behind, so they made their way to Akkalo Station, which they planned to capture, so that an Alliance shuttle could land there and rescue them.

The Alliance forces captured the station, but during their attack, one of the Imperial officers sent a distress call to summon Imperial reinforcements. When the shuttle eventually arrived, it was badly damaged and needed repairing before it could evacuate the Alliance personnel. However, the Imperial reinforcements arrived at the station before the shuttle was ready to leave.


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