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Akkere was a male Sullustan droid repairman and parts merchant on Dantooine in 3951 BBY. He set up a small stall right outside Khoonda, the center of government on the planet. Akkere was found by Meetra Surik to be stealing parts from the Khoonda militia's defense droids, as she found his spanner amongst the disabled droids within the Khoonda building.

Surik forgave him after Akkere revealed that he had stolen the parts to help his brother, whose wife was pregnant but couldn't afford a doctor. Later, as atonement, Surik asked if he would join the militia for the Battle of Khoonda. He took part in defending Khoonda alongside Surik.

Behind the scenes

Alternatively, Surik can try to turn him in because he broke the law, and will be forced to kill him. This action may or may not lead to a dark side shift, depending on Surik's attitudes.

Surik may not even ask Akkere about the matter, or even notice that he had been tampering with the droids. If Akkere is asked to join the militia, he will be seen inside the building after Azkul has fought his way through the outside defenses. He will also be equipped with no weapons at all, so will have only the ability to punch and kick when the "battle" starts.

He also possesses one of the only two Thorium charges in the game and Surik can get it from his dead body or buy them.


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