"Someone I respect, but definitely not a friend."
Jedi Master Tholme[src]
Akku Seii 3

Seii and Tholme speak.

Akku Seii was a teacher of assassins on the planet Anzat. He was considered one of the great Anzati masters. Among others, he trained Katichak and the Jedi Master Tholme in the assassins' art.


During the Clone Wars, Seii's fellow Anzati instructors began training Morgukai warriors for Sora Bulq and the Confederacy of Independent Systems on Saleucami, leaving Seii behind to train the remaining students. The Anzati assassin's code prohibited Akku Seii from telling Tholme about the contract with Bulq when the Jedi Master came to investigate, so they were at an impasse. To settle things, Seii set his students on his former one, who beat them with ease. He subtly pointed Tholme in the right direction by showing him the other master assassins had left.

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