Akobi was a male Human Imperial Commander from Ralltiir who fought against the Alliance to Restore the Republic during the Galactic Civil War.


In 2 BBY, while serving on Malastare, stormtrooper TK-622 saved Akobi's life and the two became friends.

In 0 BBY, while fighting a Rebel insurrection on his homeworld, Commander Akobi accidentally ordered the bombing of a medcenter in Ettam, a town on Ralltiir. This was partly due to the fact that Imperial communications were being disrupted by the Rebels, but also because Akobi mistakenly thought he remembered the terrain. The Empire pushed the incident under the rug and declared him a hero. Shortly before his division was transferred, Akobi was nearly killed by a bomb planted by the Rebels, but was again saved by 622.

His division's tour on Ralltiir complete, Akobi was transferred aboard the first Death Star, where he was attacked by a RA-7 droid. Only by TK-622's quick actions was his life saved. However, the saboteur Rebel agent Krono Relt was not finished with his victim. On his way to an awards ceremony, Akobi was attacked by a rogue Viper probe droid, who severely electrocuted the Imperial.

Akobi was taken to a medcenter, but was not expected to survive the week. Just before he died, he told his only friend, TK-622, the truth about the atrocities on Ralltiir. His body was destroyed when the Death Star's enormous reactor went critical.



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