The akul was a large quadrupedal, carnivorous predator with orange fur native to the grasslands of the planet Shili. They were the only creature that the Togrutas feared, and could attack and destroy settlements and villages. For this reason, it was often hunted by the Togrutas, a dangerous task given its ferocious nature and remarkably keen senses. Like the Nexu, they killed their prey by biting onto them and shaking violently until their necks were broken. Such was the power of their jaws that it was nearly impossible for any normal humanoid to break their hold.

Consequently, their teeth became the favored trophy by the Togrutas who used them to craft beautiful necklaces and headdresses. By strict tradition, these adornments could only be worn by those who had slain an akul single-handedly, such as the Jedi Master Shaak Ti.

Though indigenous only to Shili, they were exported to other planets, where they thrived in zoos or were trained to perform in stage shows and Holonet productions. When released into the wild on other worlds, however, they tended to rapidly devastate ecosystems. They were also prone to genetic mutations, in particular albinism, the frequency of which increased through inbreeding.[1]

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