"The sea is our home, and the land is home of the Lazerians. Their problems are not ours and our problems are not theirs. If legends we are to them, then legends we shall be, at least until their minds expand to the point where they can begin looking beyond their silly stories."
―A common Akwin quote[src]

Akwin were a species of sentient oceanic mammals that were indigenous to the Father Ocean of Lazerian IV. A carnivorous species, they possessed blue-green fur and six limbs; two arms ending in tridactyl hands, two arms ending in flippers, and two legs ending in webbed feet. Their tails, flat and with a marked fluke, were used for forward propulsion while in the water. Akwin heads were long, flat, and covered in cilia ranging in color from white to blue to black. Akwin had two blowholes atop their heads, as well as gills. The Akwin were pacifistic, dwelling in sprawling underwater cities and keeping underwater ranches. The Akwin believed themselves superior to the Humans who walked the surface of Lazerian IV, whom they knew a great deal about due to special scouts, but whom were deluded into thinking of the Akwin simply as legendary. Individuals included B'dasssa.



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