The Alabak's Gold was a modified Mon Calamari Wander-class jump freighter used by the Alliance to Restore the Republic.


The Alabak's Gold's crew was near Kwenn Space Station, in the Outer Rim Territories, in 0 ABY when they responded to a Code Green from Alliance agent Dana, undercover aboard the Star Destroyer Relentless. Dana had information that Adar Tallon, long believed to be dead, was in fact alive and hiding on Tatooine. Captain Parlan, commander of the Relentless, had hired bounty hunters including Jodo Kast to apprehend Tallon. Before the crew could meet with Dana, however, she was killed by Kast. The crew of the Alabak's Gold retrieved the agent's body and found an encrypted file on a datapad with the information regarding Tallon.

The crew of the Alabak's Gold went to Tatooine to try and find Tallon. They used the freighter to travel from Kwenn Station to Tatooine, and once there, they left the ship in a docking bay while they were searching for Tallon. They returned to the freighter days later, with Tallon. They were pursued to the docking bay by bounty hunter droid IG-72, but the crew defeated IG-72 and left Tatooine aboard the freighter.



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