Alan Moore, (born November 18, 1953) is a comic-book writer who authored a number of stories which appear in Classic Star Wars: Devilworlds including Blind Fury!, Rust Never Sleeps, Dark Lord's Conscience and Tilotny Throws a Shape.

Along with Frank Miller's The Dark Knight Returns and Art Spiegelman's Maus, Moore's Watchmen (illustrated by Dave Gibbons) is credited with having brought an air of respectability to comics in the 1980s through its plot, which many considered mature and thoughtful, some critics heralding it the greatest comic book ever produced upon release.

He has written a number of other famous comics, including From Hell, V for Vendetta, The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen, and the one-shot Batman: The Killing Joke.


Year Title Format Contribution(s)
1981 The Empire Strikes Back Monthly 151 Comic Wrote "The Pandora Effect"
1982 The Empire Strikes Back Monthly 154 Comic Wrote "Tilotny Throws a Shape"
1982 The Empire Strikes Back Monthly 155 Comic Wrote "Dark Lord's Conscience"
1982 The Empire Strikes Back Monthly 156 Comic Wrote "Rust Never Sleeps"
1982 Star Wars Monthly 159 Comic Wrote "Blind Fury!"

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