The Alanciari were the Keshiri inhabitants of the continent of Alanciar on the planet Kesh. After being visited by the Keshiri woman Adari Vaal and warned of the Human Sith who had established their rule over another continent, Keshtah Minor, the Alanciari developed into a highly-disciplined and industrialized society. They also developed a strong defense force which was augmented by a centralized network of semaphore signal stations and Force-sensitive thoughtcriers. In addition, the Alanciari were raised from childhood to loathe the Sith through various forms of media including the Keshtah Chronicles, a popular history textbook, and Observance Day plays, which were held every ten years to commemorate Adari Vaal's legacy.

When the Sith invasion finally arrived in 2975 BBY, their defenses proved more than adequate and succeeded in decimating two waves of Sith airships. However, the Sith High Lord Edell Vrai succeeded in capturing two Alanciari prisoners, the soldier Jogan Halder and his lover Quarra Thayn, and the Alanciari harvester Mischance. This provide the Sith Tribe with important intelligence on the Alanciari and their technology and society. The Tribe's Grand Lord Varner Hilts succeeded in brainwashing Jogan into believing that the Sith were actually the Protectors, gods in Keshiri religion, and had already defeated the Destructors Vaal had warned about centuries before. Meanwhile, Quarra was coerced into collaborating with Edell as his guide on a reconnaissance mission into Alanciari's interior

In addition, the High Lord Korsin Bentado also killed the War Cabinet in Sus'mintri and took control of the highly-centralized Alanciari government and military. He then intended to mutiny against his liege Hilts and create a "Second Tribe" on Alanciar. However, he was thwarted through the combined efforts of Edell, Quarra, and the Keshtah Keshiri servant Squab. Following the events in Sus'mintri, the Tribe's new ambassador Jogan Halder and Hilts convinced the Alanciari that the Sith did not actually pose a threat to them and that they wanted to develop relations with the Alanciari. Bentado and his followers were also depicted as "evil servants" of the Destructors, who had been banished from the Tribe for their wanton ways. Due to Halder and Hilts' diplomacy, the Alanciari accepted Sith rule and developed maritime trading links with Keshtah. Alanciari sailing ships were also used to explore Kesh's uncharted northern hemisphere and south pole, Eshkrene.


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