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The Keshiri living on the continent of Alanciar had an "air force" which was part of the Alanciari military. This "air force" consisted of teams of uvak-riders who were armed with long tubes that were capable of firing diamond flak projectiles. It rebuffed two separate Sith incursions in 2975 BBY. The Sith High Lord Edell Vrai referred to the armed uvak riders as the Alanciari's own "air force". Later, Alanciari uvak diamond-flak teams welcomed the arrival of Grand Lord Varner Hilts' airship Good Omen which included the Alanciari soldier Jogan Halder. Later, Halder managed to convince the Alanciari that the Sith Tribe did not pose a threat to the Alanciari. As a result, the Alanciari submitted to Sith rule.


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