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"Business is fun. Buying, selling, starting new ventures from scratch—that's where the excitement is. When it stops being fun, I'll go into another line of work."
―Alara Fax[src]

Alara Fax was the founder of Fax Ventures and a fierce rival of Tyanna Tymb.


Alara was one of only a handful of non-Sullustans to be admitted into the SoroSuub Business Academy, and her future as a wheeler-dealer looked assured until she met Tyanna Tymb. Tyanna considered Alara her primary opponent for the top position of the year and would stop at absolutely nothing to eliminate her legally. At first Tyanna could do nothing to shake Alara no matter how hard she tried. So, instead of her usual means of using tricks and scare tactics, Tyanna befriended Alara in order to learn everything she could.

Alara did in fact have one weakness, which Tyanna learned about in her time posing as a friend. No matter how hard she tried, despite the fact that she was better than anyone at negotiating multi-digit deals, Alara simply could not grasp the Sullustan marketing tri-icosahedra theory. With the pretense of helping Alara, Tymb gave her a data card as a study aid. Hidden within this datacard, however, were the answers to the final test.

When the final test came around, the hidden programming kicked in and the answers started scrolling across the screen. She was immediately accused of cheating and, with no evidence to prove that Tyanna had set her up and knowing that to say so would look like she was simply trying to shift the blame, Alara accepted the ruling of the Academy and left without her certificate of graduation or any hope of finding employment in the massive SoroSuub Corporation.

Despite her weakness in the Sullustan marketing theory, Alara learned much in the Business Academy. In addition to the knowledge she gained in her lessons, she also learned that friendship is the safest place to hide deceit. It was a lesson she would not soon forget, and she became determined to excel beyond anything that Tyanna was capable of achieving. While Tyanna was not naturally outgoing and friendly, Alara was charming and engaging without even trying to be. She chose to use friendship as a tool and weapon, wielding it with grace and expertise that Tyanna could only envy.

Because she had a disgrace as significant as being expelled from the SoroSuub Academy on her record, few legitimate corporations would even grant her an interview, let alone hire her into a position of responsibility and authority. Instead, Alara chose to enter into the fringe enterprises, working with people such as Jabba the Hutt, Talon Karrde, Ploovo Two-For-One, and Stridus Darkov who were more than happy to get someone of her caliber in their organizations. Her longest association was in Stridus's organization, where she used his trust, friendship, and credits to bankroll her own private endeavors until she had the means to strike out on her own. It was then that she founded Fax Ventures.

She owned several successful investments and operations throughout the Outer Rim, and started to gather the resources to expand her influence in a new direction. From the moment she left Sullust, Alara continued to track Tyanna's progress. She managed to determine where SoroSuub were going to send Tyanna even before the executives committed decisions to data pads. She determined that the only logical place for someone with Tyanna's talents and ambitions were in the field, in a region marginally under SoroSuub control but with much of room for potential expansion. Alara guessed, rightly so, that the place would be the Varada system and so, six months ahead of when Tyanna got the promotion, Alara began to plan her own expansions into the area.

Alara also knew that Tyanna would not be able to settle for simply a single system, but would want to expand her influence throughout the entire Varada sector. With that in mind, she began to study the sector's seven systems, searching for some credit-making endeavor of galactic proportions to sink her business teeth into. Not only would such an endeavor make her company even more successful, it would also be her first step toward revenge on Tyanna. Luckily, she found just the hidden gold mine she had been looking for in the form of the planet Bestal Three and its nearby Kadal Asteroid Field. Before Tyanna and the SoroSuub Corporation could purchase the trade and resource right to them, Fax Ventures stepped in and bought them.

To all outward appearances, Fax Ventures were using Bestal Three to process the Aluminite and Corax Ore mined from the Kadal Asteroid Field. While this was a good cover, and the mining was certainly earning Alara a substantial amount of credits, the real wealth lay in the jungles of Bestal Three. This was the only known location for the Vortal Tree, the crusty seeds of which could be used for medicinal purposes to create even more effective medpacs. Alara started the production of these medpacs in 4 ABY, putting her into direct competition with SoroSuub. She knew that this would hurt Tyanna's pride to no end, and was hoping it would even disgrace her in the eyes of her SoroSuub superiors.

Personality and traitsEdit

Alara was known to keep whatever she attracted, and had a fun-loving cheerful nature which made her a joy to deal with and be around. Where her rival Tyanna Tymb used guile, treachery, and ruthlessness to make and break deals, Alara would simply win people to her side.

She was as beautiful as she was competent at her business. She had midnight black hair which highlighted her fair skin and large, dark eyes. The twinkle in her eyes and her infectious smile became the trademark which drew people to her the way a gravity well draws in ships and space debris.


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