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"We take the palace, and this whole conflict ends right here, right now."
TK-571, to Jedi Commander Pix[src]

Alaric's palace was a castle in which Alaric, King of Thustra, lived in the last decades of the Galactic Republic. It contained a bountiful garden that was a source of pride to its owner. One of the palace most prominent features was a mushroom-shaped tower, the facade of which contained many ogive windows. Several wings projected from and were subordinate to the main building, including the north wing, which contained a vast corridor. There were several entrances to the palace, including the east gate. King Alaric's audience chamber was a vaulted room with a high ceiling. The monarch sat on his throne at the far end of the room, with his back to the wide windows.[2]

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  1. The events depicted in the comic Jedi: Yoda were set sixteen months after the Battle of Geonosis, which occurred in 22 BBY according to The New Essential Chronology. In the comic, King Alaric stated that he had taken care of his palace's gardens "for over a hundred years" at the time, indicating that the castle was created before 121 BBY.
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