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"The clouds of battle amass."
―Qui-Gon Jinn, aiding Wookiee resistance against the Trade Federation[src]

Between 39 and 36 BBY, a colonial war was fought on the moon Alaris Prime between a group of colonists from the Wookiee species, the intergalactic company known as the Trade Federation and the moon's population of gundarks, a predatory species. Twenty years prior to the conflict, Alaris Prime was rediscovered by Wookiee explorers, who petitioned the Senate of the dominant government body, the Galactic Republic for the rights to colonize the moon.


"An unexplored world is a hostile world. I must help the Wookiee leader Attichitcuk to learn the lay of the land. Only then can we find an appropriate place to settle."
―Qui-Gon Jinn — Quote-audio Listen (file info)[src]

Alaris Prime was a small but resource-rich moon of the planet Alaris in the Kashyyyk system.[1] Sometime after a skirmish there during the New Sith Wars in the year 1002 BBY,[3] Alaris Prime disappeared from galactic view, hidden by the large size of Alaris. Wookiee explorers from the planet Kashyyyk rediscovered Alaris Prime between 59 BBY and 56 BBY,[4] and petitioned the Senate of the Galactic Republic to give them the rights to lead a colonization effort on the moon, represented by chieftan Attichitcuk. During the negotiations the Trade Federation, a galactic company, expressed interest in Alaris Prime, intending to use it as a trade center between planets like Kashyyyk, Kessel and Bimmisaari. However after two decades of deliberation the Republic gave Alaris Prime to the Wookiees, who named Attichitcuk the leader of the colonists.[1]

Thalmussen voyage

The Thalmussen travels to Alaris Prime.

The Wookiee colonists set off for Alaris Prime in the Thalmussen and three other colony ships[1] sometime between 39 and 36 BBY.[2] Among the travellers were Chewbacca and Shoran, Attichitcuk's son[1] and nephew respectively.[5] Jedi Master Qui-Gon Jinn was also sent by the Jedi Council to oversee the Wookiee colonization of Alaris Prime, teaching the Wookiees how to gather food and build colonies through remote guidance. Despite being denied colonial rights the Trade Federation sent the Trade Federation Droid Army to Alaris Prime along with their allies; Trandoshan slavers led by Pekt. The Federation reached the moon before the Wookiees and began establishing their bases. One power core was built and subsequently attacked by gundarks, a predatory species on Alaris Prime, which drove the Federation from that area while the power core was left intact.[1]

Once the four Wookiee ships landed Attichitcuk was the first to disembark and explore Alaris Prime. He established a small camp, leaving behind markers so that his fellow Wookiees could find him easily. Shoran began exploring as well and left behind his own markers, but halted when he encountered the damaged Trade Federation power core, unsure of its origin. Chewbacca then left the ships, and followed Shoran's markers with Jinn's guidance until he reached the power core. Acting on Jinn's advice, the two Wookiees fired at the power core with their bowcasters—Wookiee projectile weapons—until it was destroyed, and then followed Attichitcuk's markers until they reached his camp.[1]

The warEdit

The gundark threatEdit

"The gundarks must have damaged that power core and driven off its owners, we won't be so easily scared away."
―Qui-Gon Jinn[src]
Tutorial 1 gundarks attack

The early battles of the war were fought to repel gundark attacks.

Attichitcuk's camp was then attacked by four gundarks, which were defeated by the three Wookiees. Shortly afterwards a Trade Federation B1 battle droid named OOL-2 discovered the remains of the power core destroyed by Chewbacca and Shoran and reported its destruction to the Federation's Viceroy Nute Gunray, attributing the destruction to the gundarks. Gunray ordered OOL-2 to locate the gundarks and execute them, sending their pelts to the Trandoshans.[1]

The Wookiees began building more bases, with their next one being a command center manned by three Wookiee workers. Jinn aided these workers by instructing them on how to gather resources such as food, carbon, nova crystals and ore, all essential for the colony's survival. The Wookiees also practised a drill in case of an attack by the gundarks where they would retreat into the command center and use its turret to fire at any attackers. Two more workers also arrived at the base to assist in gathering resources, as well as Chewbacca. Four gundarks suddenly attacked the command center at that time, and the workers used the command centers turret as practised in the drill earlier to defend the base.[1]

Jinn decided that the gundarks needed to be exterminated for the Wookiees colonization effort to succeed. At another base led by Chewbacca, Jinn had the workers gather resources for a short time before instructing them to build a troop center to train bowcaster troopers to fight the gundarks. The Trade Federation had also decided to eradicate the gundarks and sent a squad of battle droids to kill them at their nest.[1] Once at least ten[6] troopers had been trained Chewbacca led his soldiers to attack the nest, but discovered the Trade Federation finishing off the gundarks. When all the creatures were dead the battle droids attacked the Wookiees, whothey were able to fight back and destroy all of the droids. The attack at the nest rendered the gundarks extinct on Alaris Prime, and alerted the Wookiees to the Trade Federation's presence on the moon, which defined the direction of the colonial effort going forward.[1]

Trade Federation vs. WookieesEdit

"We have discovered our foes on this distant world. Our lessons are about to take a different path"
―Qui-Gon Jinn[src]
Rescue of Attichitcuk

The rescue of Attichitcuk

Attichitcuk began a scouting expedition along with two other Wookiees to learn more about the Trade Federation's presence. At another base run by Chewbacca, Jinn instructed the Wookiees on further techniques on gathering food, mainly through building farms and animal nurseries, as well as helping them improve their level of technology. As Attichitcuk headed for the base he was halted by a group of B1 battle droids commanded by DRN-38, who shot the Wookiee chieftain and killed his two companions. Jinn sensed through the force that Attichitcuk had survived and told Chewbacca to train more bowcaster troopers and a medical droid to rescue the cheiftain.[1] With a force of eleven Wookiees, including Chewbacca,[6] the Wookiees marched towards Attichitcuk's position, destroying all battle droids in their path. After Attichitcuk was found and healed by the medical droid the Wookiees returned to their base, also fighting off three droidekas sent by DRN-38 in reprisal.[1]

With Attichitcuk needing time to recover from his wounds Chewbacca stepped up to lead the colonists, and with Jinn he began planning how to remove the Trade Federation from Alaris Prime. Hoping to intimidate them through a show of force, Chewbacca's first target was a Trade Federation outpost containing a troop center where B1 battle droids were produced. After two HummBike scouts located the outpost Chewbacca trained twelve Wookiees,[1] including bowcaster troopers, dragon troopers, and grenade troopers.[1] These Wookiees travelled to the outpost and attacked, with the bowcaster troopers defeating the B1 battle droids commanded by GWC-04, who guarded the outpost while the dragon and grenade troopers destroyed the light walls and the troop center.[1]


"I have taught all that I can. He is ready to take his place in the galaxy."
―Qui-Gon Jinn speaking of Chewbacca — Quote-audio Listen (file info)[src]
QGJ Alaris Prime

Qui-Gon Jinn on Alaris Prime after the war

On Jinn's final transmission to the Jedi Council he reflected on the skills he had passed on to Chewbacca, believing the Wookiee was now ready to find his place in the galaxy.[1] The Alaris Prime colony experienced economic success under Chewbacca's leadership,[7] and Wookiees were still living on the moon by the time of the Clone Wars.[2] Darth Sidious later reflected that it was the Trade Federation's incompetence which resulted in the discovery of their hidden manufacturing operation.[8]

Behind the scenesEdit

"Attichitcuk is dead. We must abandon Alaris Prime"
―Qui-Gon Jinn if they player fails one of their objectives in the first level of the campaign[src]

The war for Alaris Prime appeared in the 2001 LucasArts video game Star Wars: Galactic Battlegrounds, as the overarching conflict of the tutorial campaign, where the player controls the Wookiee forces.[1]


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