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"An unexplored world is a hostile world. I must help the Wookiee leader Attichitcuk to learn the lay of the land. Only then can we find an appropriate place to settle."
―Qui-Gon Jinn — (audio) Listen (file info)[src]

The Alaris Prime colonists were a group, mostly made up of Wookiees from the planet Kashyyyk, who between 39 and 36 BBY colonized the moon Alaris Prime. The Wookiees were aided by Jedi Master Qui-Gon Jinn in the colony, and also had to battle the Trade Federation for the rights to the moon.


"Give a Wookiee bantha meat and he'll eat for a day. Teach a Wookiee to hunt bantha and he'll eat for a lifetime."
―Qui-Gon Jinn[src]

The Wookiee colonists of the moon Alaris Prime included workers and warriors. The workers used various pieces of technology to gather the natural resources of the moon, and constructed different building types for various purposes. The warriors included infantry such as bowcaster troopers, and the Wookiees built up their military capabilities to include mechs and ships.[1] The colonies on the moons of Alaris used the middle-period Krorral archtectural style.[3]


The war for Alaris Prime[]

The landing[]

Between 59 BBY and 56 BBY,[4] Alaris Prime, which had been hidden from galactic view by the gas giant and was thus untouched by civilization, was discovered by Wookiee explorers from the planet Kashyyyk in the same star system. The explorers petitioned the Galactic Republic Senate on behalf of Kashyyyk, represented by the Chieftain Attichitcuk. After twenty years of debate, including opposition from the Trade Federation, the colonization rights were finally awarded to the Wookiees. Attichitcuk was granted leadership of the colonists for his role in securing the rights. The colonists departed for Alaris Prime aboard four colony ships, including the Thalmussen,[1] between 39 BBY and 36 BBY.[2] Among the colonists was Chewbacca, Attichitcuk's son, and[1] Chewbacca's cousin[5] Shoran. Jedi Master Qui-Gon Jinn was also assigned by the Jedi High Council to advise the Wookiees in their efforts at colonization.[1]

Attichitcuk was the first Wookiee to disembark the colony ships, he established a camp and left markers behind so other Wookiees to follow him. Shoran followed, also leaving markers, but stopped when he encountered a damaged power core, unaware that it had been left by the Trade Federation, who had commenced an illegal colonization effort but had been driven from that area by gundarks, a predatory species found on Alaris Prime. Chewbacca left the ships next, and followed the markers with Jinn's help until he found Shoran. On the Jedi's recommendation the two destroyed the power core with their bowcasters. Afterwards they proceeded until they found Attichitcuk's camp, and the three Wookiees had to quickly defend it from an attack by gundarks.[1]

Taming the frontier[]

Subsequently, the Wookiees began learning how to gather resources with Jinn's help. At a command center three Wookiee workers began gathering food from muja fruit bushes, and two more later joined them and also caught fish from the nearby river. Jinn had the Wookiees practice a drill in case of a gundark attack, which involved the Wookiees entering the command center for safety and using its autoturret for protection. After doing so, the Wookiees started gathering carbon from trees, and Chewbacca arrived at the command center. At that time, four gundarks attacked the command center, and the workers garrisoned inside the command center and Chewbacca helped kill the gundarks. Chewbacca then found stockpiles of nova crystals and ore, from which the workers began gathering. After gathering a set threshold of resources the command center was able to sustain itself.[1]



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