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Between 3936 BBY[2] a resolution was passed by the Senate of the Galactic Republic to colonize the rediscovered moon of Alaris Prime in the Alaris Expanse, a planetary system in the Kashyyyk system. The Wookiee explorers from the planet Kashyyyk who discovered the moon petitioned the Senate[1] sometime between 5956 BBY,[2] to give them the rights, and were represented by the Chieftan Attichitcuk,[1] representing the whole Mytaranor sector.[3]

The galactic company known as the Trade Federation also expressed its interest in Alaris Prime, intending to use it as a trade center between other planets such as Kashyyyk, Kessel and Bimmisaari. After two decades of slowly dispensing the rights, the Senate awarded the moon to the Wookiees, and Attichitcuk was given the honor of leading the colonization effort for his role in securing the rights. The Trade Federation, however, ignored the Senate's ruling and landed on Alaris Prime illegally, forcing the Wookiees to fight for the world.[1] The Wookiees also colonized the other seven moons of Alaris.[3]

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The resolution to give Alaris Prime's rights to the Wookiees was mentioned in the databank of the 2001 PC video game Star Wars: Galactic Battlegrounds, in the entries for Alaris Prime and Attichitcuk.[1]

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