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Albee Dewa was the apparent leader and 'God' of the planet Balnab, the most intelligent lifeforms the Balnabs worshiped the great leader since 'he' could project electricity from his hands when unpleased and was towering in height.


When the droids R2-D2 and C-3PO landed on the planet in a out of fuel Y-wing arrived after escaping an attack on Adi Gallia's flagshipCruiser by General Grievous they began to try and find fuel for their ship, the Balnabs found the two droids while hunting and stunned them. They then brought the two droids to Albee Dewa who became enraged with these visitors and executed the Balnab responsible for their arrival. While C-3PO began his negotiations with him Artoo discovered a secret hatch, he opened it only to find a squad of Pit Droids controlling the hologram Albee Dewa. Artoo exposed the rouge pit droids by utilizing the hologram, the Balnabs then destroyed the holoprojector controls, along with the Pit Droids while Artoo and Threepio escaped.



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