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Jannik, an albino Rodian

Albino was a term to describe beings with abnormally pale skin, which—in Humans at least—was caused by a lack of pigmentation of the skin. Albinism could affect a variety of species, from Humans, to Rodians, Kath hounds and Wookiees.

Albino Humans were said to be paler than Chevs.[1] The Skakoans worshiped an Albino Cyclops[2] The Wookiee Tojjevvuk was an albino who battled Chewbacca over the right to court the Wookiee female Mallatobuck. During the fight, he fell into the Shadowlands where his white fur made him easy prey for the many predators inhabiting the region.[3] Another albino Wookiee, Katykam, was killed on the planet Najarka when his client, Crying Dawn Singer was kidnapped by people who wished to create a rift between the Alliance to Restore the Republic and the Shashay, Crying Dawn Singer's people.[4] Oraalarri was also an albino Wookiee, who sought to spread the ideals of Life Day.[5] The Rodian clan leader, Jannik the White, was also an albino.[6] Vianna D'Pow was an albino Zeltron bounty hunter during the Rise of the Empire era. Shistavenen female Caet Shrovl was albino, which she believed resulted from some kind of experiment which the Empire performed on her mother.[7]

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