"Rescue workers have been working around the clock to reach some 4,000 passengers and workers who were trapped in a monorail traveling through the Pica Rim Pipeline after a series of bombs ruptured a 4,000 kilometer section of the undersea transit tube."
―A news report by Colonial News Nets[src]

Albrae-Don was a terrestrial astronomical object[3] located in the Albrae-Don system, a part of the Sern sector[1] in the Southern Core portion of[2] the Colonies.[1] Its surface featured a sea. The Pica Rim Pipeline, an underwater monorail train transit tunnel more than 4,000 kilometers in length, was located on Albrae-Don, as was the settlement of Draeo-Kax.[3]

After the Imperial execution of Earnst Kamiel, the founder and leader of the Justice Action Network,[3] on the date 36:10:4,[4] the terrorist organization[5] carried out a retaliatory strike on Albrae-Don. JAN detonated a series of bombs at the Pica Rim Pipeline, rupturing and flooding a section of the tunnel. As a result, a monorail with approximately 4,000 passengers and workers aboard was trapped and surrounded with tons of water, requiring intensive efforts by rescue workers to free the passengers. In 37:6:20, Colonial News Nets issued a news report from Draeo-Kax detailing the rescue efforts on Albrae-Don.[3]

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Albrae-Don was first mentioned in the "Galaxywide NewsNets" feature of West End Games' Star Wars Adventure Journal 10, which was written by Paul Sudlow and published in May 1996.[3] The 2009 reference book The Essential Atlas placed the Albrae-Don system, and therefore Albrae-Don itself, within grid square L-13.[2]


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