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"Where are you going, Master?"
"For a drink.
Anakin Skywalker and Obi-Wan Kenobi in the Outlander Club[2]

Alcohol, also known as booze and hooch, was a type of drink that came in several forms and had mind-altering effects on certain organic species.

Types of alcohol[]

Various type of beverages consumed by sentients such as ales,[6] liquors, and wines contained alcohol.[7] Alcoholic drinks could be divided into several categories: wines were made by fermenting fruit or other vegetation with a rising agent, meads were made by fermenting biological sugars, beers were brewed from grains, and liquors were made from various pressed, fermented, and blended ingredients.[8]

Other words for alcohol were "booze"[9] and "hooch".[10]


"You may be surprised what people reveal when they have been drinking."
―Plo Koon to Ahsoka Tano[11]
Drunk clones

Drunk clone troopers socializing with Fives outside the 79's

Excessive alcohol consumption caused temporary intoxication (or "drunkenness"), typically followed by unpleasant physical aftereffects in the form of a hangover.[5] According to Sinjir Rath Velus, Kowakian rum caused the worst cases of hangover, making people "plead for death while hiding in the darkness under [their] bedcovers or even under the bed itself."[12]

One danger of intoxication was impaired judgement: While gambling in the Canto Casino, the alien Dobbu Scay became inebriated[4] and mistook the astromech droid BB-8 for a slot machine. The droid ended up accumulating many of Scay's Cantocoins.[3] During a mission to the Coruscant Underworld, Jedi Ahsoka Tano and Plo Koon went into a cantina to find information on bounty hunter Aurra Sing, due to people being more likely to reveal information while intoxicated.[11]

Drunkenness could also lead to unsteadiness and a staggering gait. This happened to a Quarren member of Gorian Shard's pirate gang as they were drinking with their Trandoshan friend on Nevarro.[13]

Alcohol could also lead to sleepiness: Part of a fake cover story once concocted by Cassian Andor was that his friend Brasso had a bottle of nog at home and they went there and drank themselves to sleep.[14]

Drunk Quarren

A drunk Quarren and a Trandoshan

Although tolerance for alcohol varied between individuals, it was possible to train one's body to strengthen its resistance.[7]

Alcohol could be addictive: Kylo Ren claimed that Rey's mother and father had sold off their own daughter for drinking money,[3] although it later turned out that they actually sold Rey to protect her from her grandfather, the Sith Lord Darth Sidious.[15]

Depending on its strength, an alcoholic drink could impart a burning impression in the mouth and digestive system.[10]


Shake shake

Drinks in a casino on Canto Bight.

(As booze)


Notes and references[]

Drinks boat

Drinks on a boat on Canto Bight