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"Where are you going, Master?"
"For a drink.
Anakin Skywalker and Obi-Wan Kenobi in the Outlander Club[src]

Alcohol, also known as booze[1] or hooch[2] was a substance that had mind-altering effects on certain organic species. Various type of beverages consumed by sentients such as ales,[3] liquors, and wines, contained alcohol.[4] Depending on its strength, an alcoholic drink could impart a burning impression in the mouth and digestive system.[2] Excessive alcohol consumption caused temporary intoxication (or "drunkenness"), typically followed by unpleasant aftereffects.[5] Although tolerance for alcohol varied between individuals, it was possible to train one's body to strengthen its resistance.[4]

Alcoholic drinks could be divided into several categories: wines were made by fermenting fruit or other vegetation with a rising agent, meads were made by fermenting biological sugars, beers were brewed from grains, and liquors were made from various pressed, fermented, and blended ingredients.[6]

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Drinks in a casino on Canto Bight.


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Drinks on a boat on Canto Bight

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