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A vast lake lay on the site of Aldera, the capital of the planet Alderaan. The Royal Palace overlooked the lake[1] which was in fact a geologically recent meteor crater.[2] It had formed around 30,500 BBY[3] and had subsequently filled with water from the local subterranean aquifers.[2] The city of Aldera itself was built on an island—or more precisely a peninsula—overlooking the lake.[4] Visitors commonly reached the city by crossing the lake by boat.[2]

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The lake of Aldera was first mentioned in the 1995 reference book The Illustrated Star Wars Universe. In the same book, the lake also appeared in the first picture ever depicting the city of Aldera.[2] While the city itself was heavily redesigned for the movie Star Wars: Episode III Revenge of the Sith in 2005,[5] the lake still appeared in it.[1] In Prélude à un Nouvel Espoir, an ambiguously canonical roleplaying adventure in the French gaming magazine Casus Belli HS6, the lake of Aldera was stated to be located south of the city.[6]



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