Alderaan Royal Engineers was one of the pre-eminent starshipwrights during the Galactic Republic. They were renowned for their design work with large-scale capital warships and smaller starfighters alike.

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Alderaan Royal Engineers was one of the premier and most recognizable starship builders throughout much of the Galactic Republic's existence.[1] The company maintained a shipyard with 325 construction slips.[3]

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Alderaan Royal Engineers were responsible for producing several designs of capital ships and starfighters, but were most known for their lines of luxury yachts, space stations—such as the Esseles-class Space Station, and exotic craft.[1] They were also a manufacturer of starship component parts, including the LF9 ion engine used by Rendili StarDrive's Victory-class Star Destroyer.[2]

History[edit | edit source]

Formed sometime before 20,000 BBY,[3] Alderaan Royal Engineers was one of the prominent starshipwrights in the galaxy during the height of the Galactic Republic. As the Republic waned, and newer companies such as Kuat Drive Yards and Sienar Fleet Systems came to the fore, Alderaan Royal Engineers found itself overshadowed by its more aggressive competitors. During the Galactic Civil War between the Republic's successor state, the Galactic Empire, and the insurgent Alliance to Restore the Republic, Alderaan Royal Engineers were part of Alderaan's rearmament program, the planet having taken to pacifism in the aftermath of the Clone Wars. The company ceased operation shortly after Alderaan was destroyed by the first Death Star.[1]

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