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The Alderaan Senatorial Delegation was a group of diplomats chosen to represent the planet of Alderaan and the other worlds of the Alderaan sector, in the Core Worlds region of the galaxy. The delegation consisted of a senator and their aides. One of its historical leaders, Bail Antilles, ran for Supreme Chancellor of the Galactic Republic in 32 BBY, but lost to Palpatine of Naboo. When the latter transformed the Republic into a Galactic Empire and assumed the title of Emperor, the Alderaan Senatorial Delegation remained a part of the revamped Imperial Senate. In 0 BBY, however, the Alderaanian delegation was disbanded along with the rest of the Senate when the Emperor decided to shut down the assembly. During its many centuries of existence, the Alderaan Senatorial Delegation exercised considerable authority in the Senate, and its members long advocated the values of pacifism.


Alderaan Delegation

Bail Antilles and Agrippa Aldrete, wearing the traditional white garb of the Alderaanian delegation

The Alderaan Senatorial Delegation occupied a repulsorpod in the Grand Convocation Chamber of the Senate Tower on Coruscant. It represented the planet of Alderaan and all other worlds located within its sector.[13] With Alderaan being part of the Core Founders, the founding worlds of the Republic, [14] its sectorial delegation held considerable power in the Senate.[15] Its members were often part of princely families, sometimes even the reigning bloodline of Alderaan.[16] The delegates often donned white clothes, following a tradition of the Alderaanian ambassadorial milieu.[17] They were known for promoting peace throughout the Republic,[18] although there have been historical exceptions to that rule.[19]

On Coruscant, a bright ecumenopolis that hosted as the galactic capital, the Alderaanian delegation resided at Cantham House[10]—also known as the Alderaanian consulate.[17]


Young Leia Organa SWInsider145

Leia Organa, the last senator of Alderaan before the disbanding of the Senate

"I don't know what you're talking about. I'm a member of the Imperial Senate on a diplomatic mission to Alderaan…"
―Leia Organa to Darth Vader[src]

During the Great Galactic War bewteen the Republic and the Sith Empire, the Alderaan sector was represented by Prince Gaul Panteer, heir to the Alderaanian crown.[20] Under the guidance of Panteern the leaders of Alderaan became a voice for aggressive military action in the Senate for the first time in history. When the a peace treaty was signed a few years later, Panteer seceded from the Senate in protest. He and his mother Queen Silara Panteer were assassinated in the aftermath.[19]

Millennia later, under the reign of Queen Mazicia Organa, the senator Agrippa Aldrete was head of the Alderaanian delegation.[21] At some point before 33 BBY, he was replaced by Prince Bail of the House Antilles,[3] who made him one of his aides along with a young woman named Liana Merian. During Antilles' tenure, the Alderaanian delegation was part of the Core faction, one of the two major factions of representatives in the Senate.[3] In 32 BBY, Antilles retired from politics after losing the Chancery election against Palpatine, leader of the Naboo Senatorial Delegation.[7]

Antilles was succeeded by his namesake, Prince Bail Prestor Organa,[7] whose assistants included Sheltay Retrac[8] and Sateen Vestswe.[9] Organa remained in place as a Galactic Republic senator for thirteen years, and he was renewed following the transformation of the Republic into a Galactic Empire, with the Galactic Senate becoming the Imperial Senate.[22] Around 2 BBY, the politicians of Alderaanian were amongst the secret founders of the Rebel Alliance, an organized group of resistance fighters opposed to the tyranny of the Imperial government.[10] In 1 BBY, Bail Organa passed the torch to his adopted daughter, the seventeen-year old Princess Leia Organa.[5] The Princess, however, did not remain in office for long, since the Senate was officially disbanded by order of Galactic Emperor Palpatine in 0 BBY. Moreover, Princess Leia had been arrested shortly earlier by Darth Vader, the Emperor's second-in-command, while she was secretly on a rebel mission above Tatooine.[6] A falsified report had been sent, proclaiming that the senator had perished with her starship after encountering a meteorite field it could not avoid.[11]



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