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This mansion was a dwelling built in the surface of an asteroid. The asteroid was kept in a geostationary position in the orbit of the planet Alderaan using one single tractor beam. The insides of the mansion, which included one landing bay, also reflected the bizarre and flamboyant style of the creation.

At some point, this mansion was owned by the Desilijic Hutt clan or by one of its agents. The Hutts used the mansion as a part of their cover story for Jer and Gelune Blankuna. The Blankunas pretended to be rich entrepreneurs of the shipping business, wanting to hire some resourceful people to find their missing son Ree. In reality, the Blankunas had no children — Ree was involved in a plot to seize the control of crime in Ando Prime from the Hutts. The Blankunas provided their new employees with a datapad with information, which also contained a tracker so that Gamorrean mercenaries could find Ree when the independent agents did.

To cut out loose ends, the Hutts moved and renamed the Blankunas as soon as the interview was over, and cleaned out and sold the orbital mansion to Alderaanian Humans Jylle Tend and Sumda.

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