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The Alderaan vigil rioting took place after the destruction of the planet Alderaan by the Death Star. Rumors of what occurred began reaching the Alderaanian population, most of whom lived on Level 3204, and vigils were held which soon became heated and angry when images followed the rumors, confirming Alderaan had been destroyed. The vigils turned into rioting which lasted for several days until the security forces and Imperial stormtroopers were sent in to restore order. However, as the troops marched into the streets, the stormtroopers opened fire with their blasters. One of the causalities was Reffe who died during his tirade against the Empire. The crowds, frightened, dispersed. The following day, the Coruscant police arrested anyone caught out in the streets. The day after that, stormtroopers began going door to door stating that Rebel spies had recruited local residents and Alderaanians had to be taken in for questioning.[2]

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The riots were first mentioned in "One Thousand Levels Down", a short story written by Alexander Freed and published in Star Wars Insider 151 in 2014.

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