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The Alderaanian monarchy was the hereditary monarchy of the planet Alderaan. The last monarch was Queen Breha Organa, who perished along with her homeworld when the Galactic Empire destroyed Alderaan with the Death Star in 0 BBY. Although the Alderaanian diaspora managed to regroup, they had yet to reform their monarchy by 5 ABY.


"Our ruler—one day, you—must struggle to keep the culture focused on creativity, love and life. Whatever happens, Leia… you must keep Alderaan alive."
―Bail Organa, to his daughter Leia[4]

The monarch of Alderaan (otherwise referred to as "the King" if male, and "the Queen" if female) both ruled and governed the planet,[1] with the help of ministers and advisors. In addition, he or she had charge of the royal books, balancing the many accounts and personally overseeing funding of all public works on Alderaan.[1] In some cases, the monarch even assumed a ministerial portfolio.[5] While the monarch worked for harmony on Alderaan,[4] the planet's dealings with the galaxy at large were entrusted to his or her consort (referred to as viceroy if male).[1]


"We're lucky on Alderaan. We are loved by our people. We have their loyalty. That's because we love them and are loyal to them in turn. If we ever cease to appreciate those around us—from the highest lord to the humblest laborer—we'll lose that loyalty. We'll deserve to lose it."
―Bail Organa, to his daughter Leia[1]

The monarchy on Alderaan already existed a millennium before the rule of the Galactic Empire.[1] In the distant past, belligerence did exist on Alderaan,[4] and princes and princesses who made their claim to the crown sometimes had to fight their way to the throne room.[1] Over time, however, a pacifist culture focused on creativity, love, and life developed on the planet, and the monarch was made the guarantor of that philosophy.[4] Because the monarchs of Alderaan proved loyal compassionate to their people, regardless of their social background, they, in turn, enjoyed the loyalty and love of the Alderaanians.[1]

Breha Organa, the last Queen of Alderaan

At some point before the end of the Clone Wars, Breha Organa took up the mantle of queen.[6] She witnessed the fall of the democratic Galactic Republic and its replacement by the dictatorial Galactic Empire, and, along with her consort and viceroy Bail Prestor Organa, played a major part in the rise of the Alliance to Restore the Republic.[1] She remained on the throne until her death[7] in 0 BBY,[3] which occurred during the destruction of Alderaan by the Death Star,[7] a mobile, sphere-shaped battle station the size of a Class IV moon.[8] However, Crown Princess Leia Organa, who was on a secret mission to Tatooine, survived the destruction of her homeworld.[9] Viscount Rabael Dir Glorio, 26th in line to the throne and last scion of House Glorio, also survived the cataclysm.[10]

Although Alderaan no longer existed, some surviving Alderaanians like Evaan Verlaine considered Princess Leia Organa to be their new queen.[11]

After the Battle of Endor, the surviving Alderaanians lived together aboard a seven-starship flotilla and planned to build themselves a new home from the remains of the second Death Star. However, they still had not chosen a monarch, and were ruled by Regent Administator Eglyn Valmor.[12]

By the time of the conflict between the First Order and the Resistance, Leia Organa was still considered the last princess of Alderaan. However, that status commanded little authority,[13] since almost nobody took the concept of hereditary nobility seriously any longer,[14] and Organa never wore any symbol of royalty unless tradition demanded it.[13]


"The crown of Alderaan is not merely inherited. It must be earned. The heir must prove herself worthy in body, heart, and mind. Are you prepared to do so?"
―Queen Breha, asking her daughter a ritual question[1]

A monarch of Alderaan was meant to be succeeded by his or her eldest child.[1] Like all the other Elder Houses,[14] the Alderaanian monarchy did not adjudicate succession through strict bloodline inheritance, meaning that adopted children could ascend to the throne.[1]

The heir apparent—whose succession appeared certain—was not made Crown Prince or Crown Princess until the age of sixteen, at which point he or she would have to undergo a series of rituals to prove their worth. The first step was the Day of Demand, on which the heir apparent would publicly claim his or her right to the crown in the throne room, before announcing three self-imposed challenges, that of the Body, that of the Mind, and that of the Heart. Upon fulfilling those challenges, he or she was invested with the Heir's Crown.[1]


"I've studied the palace—even wrote a paper on it once. It's the whole history of Alderaanian architecture in one massive building."
Kier Domadi[1]

The monarch's official residence was the Royal Palace of Alderaan, in the planetary capital of Aldera. It was the site of many official ceremonies, festivities, and banquets.[1]

At the time of Queen Breha and Viceroy Bail Organa, the royal family also possessed a ranch where they grew emerald grapes used to high quality emerald wine,[15] and a penthouse suite on Coruscant called Cantham House.[1]


As egalitarian as the Alderaanian monarchy was, people were normally expected to follow certain rules when conversing with royals. During her reign, Queen Breha was properly heralded and referred to as "Her Majesty Breha Organa" or "Her Majesty Queen Breha", and addressed as "Your Majesty". Her viceroy and consort Bail Organa was addressed simply as "Viceroy". Their heiress Princess Leia was variously addressed as "Your Highness", "Princess Leia (Organa) of Alderaan", "Princess Leia", or just "Princess". She would introduce herself as "Leia Organa, princess of Alderaan", "Princess Leia Organa of Alderaan", "Leia Organa, princess of the ruling house of Alderaan, heir to the crown", "Princess Leia of the royal House of Organa, future queen of Alderaan".[1]

Regalia and emblems[]

The Crest of Alderaan

Alderaan's monarchy tended to dress modestly, especially compared to the fastuous, bright garbs of the monarchs of Naboo. In fact, they favored relatively simple designs with muted colors. Queen Breha notably owned a blue-and-bronze slash-sleeved dress that mirrored her planet's oceans and valleys. Her state wardrobe also included a dress of bronze silk, which she wore with her hair piled high atop her head in braids woven through with strings of beads, a green dress with wide skirts, and a deep red silk robe. In informal contexts, she wore simple velvet robes and let her hair down.[1]

A viceroy's apparel of office included a long coat.[1]

Simple white outfits also played a significant role in the monarchy. For example, both the monarch and his or her consort wore them during the investment ceremony of their heir. Also, Princess Leia was fond of simple white gowns that suited most occasions.[1] During the Royal Award Ceremony, she wore one with long draping sleeves and a low scoop neckline.[9]

An emblem used by the royals was the Crest of Alderaan, an upside-down triangle made of interlacing curves. It was notably featured on one of Viceroy Bail Organa's belt,[6] and Princess Leia had a hair clasp shaped like it.[16]



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