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"Intelligence reports a possible Alderaanian convoy heading to Fostar Haven. You are to draw them out and finish them off."
―Imperial Commodore Rae Sloane orders Captain Lindon Javes to destroy the convoy[src]

Following the Disaster, a convoy of Alderaanian survivors aboard three GR-75 medium transports traveled to Fostar Haven in the hopes of evading the Galactic Empire, which was under orders from Darth Vader to destroy all remainders of Alderaan.[1]

The convoy was discovered and Commodore Rae Sloane sent Captain Lindon Javes of Helix Squadron alongside a blockade to Fostar Haven to eliminate the refugees. Javes, however, refused to kill the innocent passengers and resolved to aid their escape.[1] During the mission, Captain Canonhaus was ordered to guard the outside perimeter to prevent the refugees from escaping.[2]

The convoy was successfully evacuated by Javes and Echo Squadron of the Alliance to Restore the Republic.[1]


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