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"Alderaanian wine. An excellent vintage—and rather hard to come by these days."
―Count Dooku, to Asajj Ventress[src]

Alderaanian wine was a luxury alcoholic beverage from the planet Alderaan. Various types of Alderaanian wine existed, including the Toniray[3] and the Alderaanian white.[4] There also existed at least one red Alderaanian wine.[2]

In 19 BBY,[5] Count Dooku drank a glass of floral-scented Alderaanian wine on Raxus Secundus, during a party honoring him.[1]

After Alderaan was destroyed by the Galactic Empire, Alderaanian wine became rarer. By the time of the First Order/Resistance War, Derla Pidys had sold over one hundred bottles of what she claimed to be the "last bottle" of wine from Alderaan to various individuals, even those who knew this was an obvious fib and only really cared about the story.[6]

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