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"Perfect with game."
Mirax Terrik[src]

Antonin with a glass of Alderaanian wine

Alderaanian wine also known as a Alderaan wine or Alderaani wine[1] was a drink served steamed over a muskwood fire and made on the planet of Alderaan. It had a tart flavor without being overly sour. It was said that the particular vintage was intended for a krayt dragon banquet, but when the hunter died trying to capture a krayt dragon, the vintage was used by his widow in his memorial service instead. The wine was a very popular vintage and won many praises.

A few years before the Bacta War, the smuggler Talon Karrde bid for a case of Alderaanian wine against exotic goods trader Mirax Terrik. The two of them later shared a drink of the same wine before Mirax and her father, Booster Terrik, negotiated supplies and arms from Karrde for Wedge Antilles's war against Ysanne Isard.

It was enjoyed by Raith Sienar, Wilhuff Tarkin and the Black Sun Vigo Antonin.



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