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"Aleksin and Pavol. I don't know if they're brothers, or clones, or modified, or what they are, but they are extremely, ah… close, and they are extremely good. Two of the best I've ever seen. I hope we don't need 'em, but if we need 'em, I want to have 'em."
―Lando Calrissian, to Lobot[src]

Aleksin was a male alien clone who was a skilled warrior in hand-to-hand combat. During the Galactic Civil War, Aleksin and Pavol, his clone and lover, were hired by Lando Calrissian to assist in hijacking the Imperialis, the personal yacht of Emperor Sheev Palpatine. While exploring the Imperialis, Aleksin was corrupted by the Sith helmet of Sith Lord Darth Momin. He attacked Pavol and turned against Lando and Korin Pers. Aleksin was subsequently killed during a confrontation with Lando.

Biography[edit | edit source]

Lando's heist[edit | edit source]

Aleksin was an alien clone warrior[4]. His closest companion was his fellow clone and lover Pavol.[3] After the crime lord Papa Toren hired Lando Calrissian to steal a luxury yacht belonging to a wealthy Imperial, Calrissian and his friend Lobot visited Aleksin and Pavol. They found the two alien clones sparring with several dueling droids. Needing some fighters for the heist, Lando hired Aleksin and Pavol.[2]

Donning stealth suits, Aleksin, Pavol, Lando, Lobot, and the Ugnaught Sava Korin Pers infiltrated Sienar Fleet Systems' Orbital Shipyard CC-24. After overpowering the stormtrooper sentries, they stole the vessel and rocketed into space.[2] Before they could jump into hyperspace, the yacht's owner Emperor Palpatine dispatched Imperial Star Destroyers to recover his ship, the Imperialis. Aleksin, Pavol, and Korin watched as Lando used a dangerous maneuver which involved tapping onto the tractor beam of one of the Star Destroyers and flying towards its companion. The two Star Destroyers collided and the Imperiales fled into deep space.[4]

Following the escape, Aleksin and Pavol embraced. They then joined Lando, Lobot, and Korin in exploring the ship's opulent treasures. While accessing the central chamber, Lobot was stabbed by two Imperial Royal Guards.[4] While Lando and Korin evacuated Lobot to the med bay, Aleksin and Pavol took on the Royal Guards with sharp blades, who fought back with vibroblades. Using their melee combat skills, Aleksin and Pavol managed to defeat and kill the Royal Guards by the time Lando and Korin had returned with blasters. They subsequently discovered that the guards had been guarding several Sith artifacts including the mask of Lord Momin.[5] This helmet belonged to the Sith Lord Darth Momin.[3]

Corrupted by the dark side[edit | edit source]

While Lando and Korin were debating how to dispense with their loot, Aleksin starred into the Sith helmet. Overcome by the dark side of the Force, he ignited a double-bladed lightsaber. When Pavol touched him on the shoulder, Aleksin went berserk and sliced off Pavol's lower right arm. As the two clones fought, Lando and Korin fled the chamber and shut the doors. Though Lando believed that Aleksin had got greedy and turned on them, Korin speculating that the had been corrupted by the Sith artifacts, pointing to the fallen Royal Guards.[3]

Inside the chamber, Pavol tried to reason with his mate. Aleksin denied that anything had changed and taunted Pavol for losing his lower arm. When Pavol reminded him of their plan to get a clone that would be their child, Aleksin roared that no offspring of his would have a one-armed parent and claimed that he did not want a child anymore. Pavol denounced him as a monster. Aleksin taunted Pavol for giving into his anger. Pavol grabbed a vibroblade and the two fought.[3]

Eventually, Pavol was also corrupted by the Sith artifacts. Armed with Sith lightsabers, the two cut their way out of the central chamber.[3] They then confronted Lando, Korin, and the bounty hunter Chanath Cha and demanded that they leave the ship. When Lando refused to comply, Aleksin respond that their voices were sacred and meant to be heard only among their own people. He vowed to kill Lando and his companions with the exception of Sava Pers. Aleksin managed to entice Korin by offering to share the ship's treasures with her. He gave her the helmet of Momin.[1]

Korin too was corrupted by the Sith artifact and agreed to join Aleksin and Pavol in killing the others. However, this was a ruse as Aleksin and Pavol had no intention of sharing their acquisitions. Aleksin stabbed Korin to death with his double-bladed lightsaber. Cha managed to shoot the door shut. Aleksin later confronted Lando as he was helping Lobot out of the medbay. Lando managed to convince Aleksin to switch off his lightsaber by convincing him to share the treasure with him and claiming that he did not know how to shoot. When Aleksin complied, Lando shot the alien warrior in the chest, killing him. Lando along with Lobot and Chanath then escaped the stricken Imperialis in escape pods before the ship blew up.[1]

Personality and traits[edit | edit source]

Aleksin and Pavol fighting multiple battle droids

Aleksin was a fearsome male clone warrior from an unknown alien species with black skin.[2] He had blue eyes, a feline head, and a humanoid physique.[4] He had a romantic relationship with his fellow clone Pavol. The two had plans to use the proceeds from their share of Lando's heist to obtain a clone to raise as their child.[3] Aleksin was skilled a fighting with various different melee weapons including staffs,[2] knives,[5] and even a double-bladed lightsaber.[3]

After Aleksin was corrupted by the dark side, his eyes turned yellow. He abandoned his love for Pavol and their plans to raise a child in order to embrace the treasure aboard the Emperor's yacht Imperialis.[3] After Pavol was corrupted as well, Aleksin tricked Korin Pers into lowering her guard by inviting her to join him and Pavol. Aleksin then killed her with his blade. Despite his skills as a warrior, Aleksin was tricked into lowering his guard by Calrissian's smooth talk. This cost him his life.[1]

Behind the scenes[edit | edit source]

Aleksin first appeared as a secondary character in the 2015 Marvel Comics story Star Wars: Lando. He was written by Charles Soule, drawn by Alex Maleev, and colored by Paul Mounts.

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