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Made up of the Jedi Knights Jaina Solo, Zekk, and the former Human Chiss pilot, Jagged Fel, the Alema Rar Task Force was charged to defeat the Dark Jedi Alema Rar, who had become a serious adversary for the New Jedi Order in 40 ABY. The New Jedi Order believed that Alema Rar had been killed on Tenupe in 36 ABY, but Fel, four years later, revealed to the Solos that Rar had survived with severe mutilation. After Rar made herself public in a duel at Roqoo Depot with the Skywalkers, Fel took action by forming a task force with Jaina Solo and Zekk with the permission of Luke Skywalker. Despite Fel and Zekk's fights and jealously for Solo, the trio were able to track Rar to the Errant Venture, a private Star Destroyer owned by Booster Terrik, and fought the Dark Jedi, but were unable to apprehend her, as Rar escaped. After Mara Jade Skywalker was killed, the team put aside bickering between Fel and Zekk, and focused on capturing Rar, the main suspect behind Skywalker's murder.

The team eventually tracked Rar to Ossus, the location of Jedi Academy, where the Task Force was involved with the Galactic Alliance Guard's attempt to threaten the New Jedi Order. The GAG were able to take Solo's and Fel's weapons to seal their victory, but Zekk was able to dismember their leader, Major Salle Serpa. After the battle, Solo went ahead to aid the Jedi in their fight against Solo's brother, Jacen, at Kashyyyk, while Fel and Zekk stayed behind on Ossus to secure the Academy. Later, Zekk and Fel were called to Kashyyyk to fight forest fires cause by Jacen's Turbolaser fire on the planet, but when Rar harassed Solo's parents once again, the Task Force once again set their goal back to capture Rar. They tracked her to an asteroid, where Fel was able to complete the Task Force's goal and killed Rar. After her death, the group disbanded, and the trio stayed on good relations with each other, though Zekk was seemingly lost at Shedu Maad.



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Ever since the Twi'lek Jedi Knight Alema Rar turned to the dark side during the Dark Nest Crisis, the New Jedi Order had marked her off as a dangerous enemy.[4] Rar, however, was marked dead following the conclusion of the Swarm War, a conflict involving the Chiss, Galactic Alliance, Killiks, and the Jedi. Rar was presumably killed by a spidersloth on Tenupe, and was thought dead to all but Jagged Fel, a Human Chiss fighter pilot who was disgraced for his actions during the Swarm War.[5] Fel knew that Rar had survived her encounter with the spidersloth on Tenupe, and had been living in the wilderness of the planet. Rar used the Force powers she learned from Lomi Plo, the Queen of the Dark Nest to survive, and expanded upon her powers further while she survived on her own on the planet. During his exile from the Chiss due to damages made by the Wookiee Jedi Lowbacca, Fel researched Rar's abilities and developed a device to counter her mind-wiping abilities.[6]

During the beginning stages of the Second Galactic Civil War, Fel disclosed this information to Han and Leia Solo in 40 ABY during his exile from the Chiss on Telkur Station, but was forced to leave the Solos after Hapan agents ambushed them because of their believed involvement in an assassination attempted on the Hapan Queen Mother, Tenel Ka. After that, Fel went to the Jedi Temple on Coruscant, where he demanded to see Jedi Grand Master Luke Skywalker under the alias of Twinsins Thlee. There, Fel explained to Skywalker Rar's survival techniques, as well as her memory wiping ability, and Fel's device to counter it. He also introduced to them a security program which would analyze security holocam input to recognize and track Rar; when the Skywalkers explained that she was also using a holocam-disrupting Force technique, he was confident that the program could be adapted to also track the interference caused by the technique. After the presentation, Fel asked the Skywalkers for the resources as a private citizen, because his access to funds and transportation were very limited. Skywalker then assigned Jedi Knights Jaina Solo and Zekk to help Fel hunt Rar.[1]


Jagged FelEdit


Jagged Fel

Jagged Fel, known as Jag to his friends, was an ace pilot who, much like his father, General Baron Soontir Fel, was dedicated to a life of military service and later became the head of state of the Imperial Remnant.[7] Raised by his father and mother, Syal Antilles Fel,[8] Jagged Fel was raised in the Unknown Regions among the strict and dutiful Chiss of the Empire of the Hand.[9] Fel entered a military academy in his very early teens[10] and had attained the rank of colonel and command of three squadrons of Clawcraft by age eighteen.[11] Fel participated in the Yuuzhan Vong War, a war in which the New Republic, later the Galactic Alliance, fought against the extragalactic Yuuzhan Vong,[11] in which he developed a romantic relationship with the Jedi Knight Jaina Solo.[12] He helped Jaina defend Hapes against a Yuuzhan Vong fleet before serving under his uncle in the defense of Borleias, where he began a romance with Jaina which would grow intense as the war went on.[12]

After the Galactic Alliance won the war, Fel led the Chiss war against the Killik colonies, in which he was pitted against Jaina. During the final battle of that conflict, Jaina's mother shot him down when the Jedi attempted to stop the Chiss from unleashing a genocidal weapon against the Killiks.[5] Fel spent two years marooned in the deadly jungles of Tenupe before he was rescued. During the war, he had guaranteed the parole of Lowbacca, a Jedi Knight who later returned to combat against the Chiss. This made Fel and his family responsible for all Lowbacca's damages, and when they could not pay, Fel was permanently exiled from the Chiss. He began tracking the last member of the Killik's Dark Nest, Alema Rar, and eventually gained Jedi support for his mission, tracking the Dark Jedi Rar in an uneasy partnership with Jaina and her close friend Zekk.[1] At long last, Fel personally killed Rar and in so doing restored his family's honor.[3] At the close of the Second Galactic Civil War, Fel aided the Jedi in defeating Darth Caedus. During peace negotiations, Luke Skywalker forced the Moff Council of the Imperial Remnant to accept Fel as the Remnant's head of state so that he could keep tight control of the devious moffs and in so doing allow a stable peace settlement.[7]

Jaina SoloEdit


Jaina Solo, Sword of the Jedi

Jaina Solo was a Jedi Knight of the New Jedi Order, the twin sister of Jacen Solo and the older sister of Anakin Solo. Born to Han and Leia Organa Solo, she inherited her father's mechanical adeptness and her mother's Force sensitivity, resulting in her eventual training at the Jedi Praxeum.[13] When the Yuuzhan Vong invaded the galaxy, Jaina joined the New Republic military and distinguished herself as a Rogue Squadron pilot.[14] She was constantly on the front lines of battle during the Yuuzhan Vong War, earning the title of Sword of the Jedi from her uncle, Luke Skywalker.[15]

The crisis of the Second Galactic Civil War resulted in a split between her and Jacen due to his increasingly aggressive actions, though she remained active in the Jedi Order.[16] Jaina would later be paired up with Jagged Fel and Zekk on a mission to hunt down the renegade Dark Jedi Alema Rar. While they were on the mission, Jaina flirted with Zekk and Fel, though this often resulted with bickering between the two.[1] The three were able to resolve their differences, and successfully hunted down and killed Rar.[3] The death of her aunt Mara and the dark deeds of her brother only encouraged her to find a way to stop Jacen, and she began seeking the means to do so through training with her father's ex-arch-enemy, Mandalore Boba Fett.[17] She later killed her twin brother, Darth Caedus, in a lightsaber duel aboard the Anakin Solo.[7]


Zekk infobox


Zekk was a street-smart, Force-sensitive Human orphan from Ennth who befriended the Solo twins Jaina and Jacen. After a fall to the dark side of the Force in his teenage years, he trained to be a Jedi Knight.[18] Zekk would later go on to participate in the offensives against the Yuuzhan Vong and Dark Nest. During the Dark Nest Crisis, he and Jaina became Joiners and formed a particularly strong mental connection with one another.[5]

As of 40 ABY, Zekk and Jaina were un-Joined but still shared some thoughts. Soon after that they became partners, though Jaina's family thought they were romantically involved. During the Second Galactic Civil War he and Jaina participated in the Battle of Tralus as part of the Hardpoint Squadron.[19] Soon after, he participated in the Blockade of Corellia under the leadership of Jacen and Jaina.[16] Zekk later joined forces with Jaina and Jagged Fel to hunt down the rogue dark Jedi Alema Rar. Zekk and Jag often bickered for attention from Jaina, though this usually annoyed Jaina.[1] Zekk mysteriously vanished from the Force during the war's final battle. Jaina, who never felt him die, insisted he was still alive somewhere, and was considered missing in action after the war's end.[7]

Behind the scenesEdit

The Alema Rar Task Force, although the group wasn't named, appears in Legacy of the Force: Exile. Legacy of the Force: Sacrifice, Legacy of the Force: Inferno, and Legacy of the Force: Fury of the Legacy of the Force series of Star Wars novels, authored by Aaron Allston, Karen Traviss, and Troy Denning. The characters themselves were all featured throughout the series, and the group's task of hunting Alema Rar was a major storyline throughout the series.


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