Alendar Jarvis was a journalist who worked for the New Order Progressive. Jarvis wrote a fake news report about Wilhuff Tarkin's death in a shuttle crash.


Alendar Jarvis was a male[1] journalist who worked for the pro-Imperial New Order Progressive NewsNet.[2] He truly believed in the values of the Empire, and felt that chaos and weakness would lead the galaxy to ruin and destined to repeat the mistakes made by the corrupt leaders of the Galactic Republic.[3] He saw the Empire as the perfect government, and that the Alliance to Restore the Republic was a dangerous entity that threatened to destroy the stability of the Empire and restore the corruption of the Republic.[1] Following the Battle of Yavin, Jarvis wrote a NewsNet story announcing that Grand Moff Wilhuff Tarkin and his staff died in a shuttle crash at the Tallaan Imperial Shipyards to cover up the existence and subsequent destruction of the Death Star.[2] A year later, Jarvis wrote an article detailing Grand Admiral Rufaan Tigellinus's rise through the Imperial Court and the various political dealings between the factions.[4]



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