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"Aleudrupe berries are considered a delicacy on many worlds. Some of those who join our safaris insist in brining their own provisions. A few carelessly dropped seeds — We can only that the jungle itself will deal with such intrusions."

The aleudrupe berry was a berry of the Yagaran aleudrupe plant and were considered to be a delicacy in many systems.[2] Originating from the Yagara system,[1] the berry had been introduced to the the Great Jungle on the planet Varonat. When raised in the fertilizing slime released by Morodins, the pits of the berries could be used as a catalyst along with promhassic triaxli and rethan-K to create a blaster gas that was nearly as effective as spin-sealed tibanna gas. The fruit, however, was completely normal and would pass any type of chemical testing. Since the berry, promhassic triaxli and rethan-K were all individually harmless and perfectly legal, they could pass customs inspection and be introduced onto politically volatile worlds. The Krish Gamgalon ran a criminal enterprise masquerading as a Morodin hunting safari to secretly farm these berries, then transport them along with promhassic triaxli and rethan-K to politically tense planets. Gamgalon gained the profits of weapons smuggling with none of the inherent risk. The smuggler Talon Karrde, curious as to Gamgalon's operations on Varonat, ruined the operation[2] in 8 ABY.[3]



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