"No one can deny how large the icons of the Star Wars universe are. It's not just how long they've been around, it's also their worldwide cultural impact. Darth Vader is as big as any comic book legend."
―Alex Ross[src]

Alex Ross (born January 22, 1970) is an American comic book artist who has drawn covers for the first four issues of Dark Horse Comics' Star Wars comic series.[1] He has also provided variant covers for the first issues of Marvel Comics' 2015 Star Wars,[2] Darth Vader,[3] Princess Leia,[4] and Lando[5] series.

Ross did a piece for the 2010 art book Star Wars Art: Visions titled Empire of Style.[6] His artwork for the book was later used as a cover for the French magazine Star Wars – La Saga en BD #38 published by Delcourt.[7]

He was one of the artists providing exclusive artwork at Celebration Anaheim's Art Show.[8] His piece, titled Han/Chewie Wanted,[9] pays homage to Gil Kane and Tony DeZuniga's cover for Star Wars 7: New Planets, New Perils!.[10] It was later used as a variant cover for the first issue of Marvel's Chewbacca miniseries.[11]

In 1994, Ross made his breakthrough with Marvels, a comic written by Kurt Busiek. He is most famous for his interior and cover artwork on Busiek's Astro City and the four-issue miniseries Kingdom Come, which he co-wrote with Mark Waid. Ross has worked on several other Marvel and DC Comics titles.

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