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The Algae Sward was an equatorial sea on the planet Dac.

It was famous because, once a year, thousands of one-celled plants bloomed at once, so that the sea became green-tinted. South of the Algae Sward were the Seascape Mountains, a range of underwater peaks and home of whaladons.

During the Battle of Calamari, World Devastator Nullifier-5 became inoperative just over the Sward. It was then submerged under twenty meters of water, with inactive repulsors. The Calamarian Council considered it too expensive to salvage, so it was only stripped of its control system. In the following years, it became a home for the native sea life, including krakanas, sussimis and nano-stars. Some sport drivers also started mapping its interior.

Eventually, the Nullifier-5 was found to be leaking toxins that could potentially poison the entire Sward. Specialists were called in to prevent the ecological disaster in the making.