Algara II, also referred to simply as Algara[2] and Algar[5] was a planet in the Algaran system[2] of the Lambda sector, located in the Mid Rim[1] with a population of approximately 1 billion. It was also the homeworld of the Xan. Algara II was orbited by four moons: Kevron, Omakaton, Radeon and Tallakron.[2]

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On the planet Algara springs were wet and windy, summers were hot and humid, and winters were cold, with significant amounts of snowfall. Summer temperatures could reach 25 degrees Standard at their zenith, while winter temperatures could drop as low as minus 15 degrees Standard.[2]


Algara II was the homeworld of the Xan species and was settled by Humans hundreds of years before the Battle of Yavin.[2]

The planet was the source the drugs Algarine torve weed and zwil. Zwil was especially addictive to Drovians. It was the base of operations for Wing Tip Theel, an expert slicer and former associate of Lando Calrissian and Han Solo.[4]


Algara II (Xan) PG2

The citizens of Algara II

Algara II had rules, regulations, and forms governing every conceivable things and activity on the planet. Any off-worlder had to go through several steps in order to set foot on the Algara II. The planet's society was constructed around a rigid class structure. The upper classes got the best services, prices, seats on transportation, etc. Marriages between members of different classes were forbidden, and all sentient native of Algara wore badges identifying their rank in the society.

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