"The following story seeds…are meant to help fuel the creation of your own Star Wars adventures and campaigns. Have fun!"
Owen K.C. Stephens and Steve Miller[src]

Alien Adventures is a web enhancement to Alien Anthology for the Star Wars Roleplaying Game from Wizards of the Coast. It was written by Owen K.C. Stephens and Steve Miller and released on November 1, 2001. The article provides six basic adventure outlines that feature various aliens from the book. The hooks were originally slated to appear in Alien Anthology itself, but space restraints required that they be cut. The stories are written as generically as possible to allow them to be easily inserted into campaigns set in any Star Wars era.

Adventure seedsEdit

  • The Air That They Breathe—A desperate Kel Dor, his air supplies running out, contacts the player characters to find out what happened to his usual supplier.
  • To Go BoldlyNew Republic Security sends the characters to investigate rumors of lost colonies of Dashade working for the Galactic Empire.
  • Beware the Bantha—The player characters investigate the cause of several recent bantha stampedes on a desert world.
  • The Scent of Credits—The player characters must determine why the experimental perfume one of them was given has strange effects on non-humans.
  • Masks—On a mission to convince a runaway teenager to leave her Ubese lover and reconcile with her father, the player characters come under attack by thugs and begin to think that more is afoot than a simple domestic dispute.
  • The Squib Who Knew Nothing—The player characters must compete with several rival groups to obtain sensitive data from a clueless Squib.


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