The Alien Combine was a Coruscanti all-alien anti-Human group, later compared to Nolaa Tarkona's Diversity Alliance. It was founded in 3 ABY towards the end of the Imperial Period. Its most prominent member was probably the Bothan Asyr Sei'lar.

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The Combine originally worked through non-violent methods. However, when Evir Derricote began secretly capturing members as part of the Krytos project, they were ready to resort to violence. A group of its members attacked New Republic agent Gavin Darklighter, unaware of his true identity and thinking him an anti-Alien bigot and working for Derricote. Eventually, they were convinced of their mistake and released him.

The Combine never endorsed terrorism and its members were only lightly armed, and they became easy prey for the Imperial security forces when they eventually found and attacked their base. Years later, Tarkona reflected that they had been weak and inferior to her own Alliance; their failure to be ruthless had been what had doomed them. The Combine would go on to help in the recapture of Coruscant.

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