This article is about articles in the Star Wars Adventure Journal. You may be looking for Alien Encounters, a roleplaying game sourcebook..

"Alien Encounters" is the title of several articles in the Star Wars Adventure Journal. Each details several new alien species in the format of Galaxy Guide 4: Alien Races and Galaxy Guide 12: Aliens — Enemies and Allies. The species covered appear in reformatted form in the game supplement Alien Encounters.

Star Wars Adventure Journal 11Edit

Written by Timothy S. O'Brien.

Star Wars Adventure Journal 13Edit

Written by Brian Smithson.

Star Wars Adventure Journal 14Edit

Written by Trevor J. Wilson and Craig Robert Carey, this article began with a letter from sentientologist Tem Eliss and a piece of fiction known as "An Extinct Guest." This was followed by pieces on four species: the Abinyshi, Jiivahar, Poss'Nomin, and Tarc.

Star Wars Adventure Journal 15Edit

Written by Stephen Kenson.

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