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"Think of it like Mos Eisley, but uglier, nastier and less hospitable."
Mirax Terrik to Gavin Darklighter[1]

The Alien Protection Zone, colloquially known as the Invisible Sector or Invisec for short, was a walled-off ethnic neighborhood on Imperial Center.


Supposedly built for non-Human species to protect them from "genuine prejudice", the Galactic Empire was, in essence, segregating them from the human population. This practice was in line with the Empire's Humanocentric policies.

Conditions inside Invisec were very poor and residents were often harassed by Stormtroopers. Propaganda reports indicated that neighborhoods were built to reflect the various different cultures of the galaxy's alien species, with neighborhoods being dominated by statues to honor heroes from their respective homeworlds. This tactic was used to make alien residents feel as if the ethnic neighborhoods were really meant to be a place of honor and hope, which they were not.

Rogue Squadron went to Invisec during the prelude to the Battle of Coruscant in late 6 ABY. Under the rule of the New Republic, the area was opened up. It was within Invisec that the Alien Combine movement was housed - comprising of numerous aliens, including Asyr Sei'lar, future member of Rogue Squadron. Also in Invisec was the Azure Dianoga Cantina, where part of the squadron gained valuable information and allies, instrumental to the success of the mission.

Behind the scenes[]

Invisec is akin in nature to the ghettos of Nazi Germany and the townships of Apartheid South Africa, both of which regimes held real-world similarities with the Galactic Empire.



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