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Alkhara's tower[3] was a nine-story tower of Jabba's Palace, which was named after the criminal Alkhara, who owned the palace before Jabba and renovated the tower.[2] It was constructed by the B'omarr monks and contained a circular stairway that provided space for the monks to wander, as they could move up and down the stairs while meditating.[1] The tower was equipped with surveillance technology, a communication dome and a Hyperwave communication system which Jabba used to keep up with intrigues in the galaxy's underworld.[2]

Behind the scenes[]

The 2005 reference book Star Wars: Complete Locations claims it was Alkhara who added the tower, while The Complete Star Wars Encyclopedia establishes that the tower was built by the B'omarr monks who constructed the palace. As both sources claim that Alkhara renovated the tower, it is assumed for this article that it was constructed the B'omarr monks.

In most depictions of Jabba's Palace, Alkhara's tower is the highest point of the palace. In the standalone film Star Wars: The Clone Wars, a significantly higher tower was added, that didn't exist in the palace's original appearance in Return of the Jedi.


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