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"Here's an old Leffingite favorite, made fresh from juicy, Kessinnamon-spiced Almakian apples baked to perfection in a golden pom seed flour crust."
―Dexter Jettster's description of all-Almakian apple pie in his menu[1]

All-Almakian apple pie was a type of pie that was made from Kessinnamon-spiced Almakian apples that were baked in a pom seed flour crust, which had a golden color. The pies were favored by the Leffingite[1] species, who were native to the world Almak.[2] The Besalisk chef Dexter Jettster served all-Almakian apple pies at his eatery Dex's Diner on the planet Coruscant[1] prior to its destruction during the first two years of the Galactic Empire's reign.[3] Jettster used fresh and juicy Almakian apples in his pies and claimed that they were baked to perfection in his menu. The diner charged 2.5 credits for a slice of the pie, with a total cost of 5.7 credits for a serving with a scoop of denta bean ice cream.[1]

Behind the scenes[]

All-Almakian apple pie was mentioned in the 2009 StarWars.com Hyperspace article Dining at Dex's, written by Gregory Walker.[1]


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