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AT-AT Fathead

All Terrain Armored Transport

All Terrain, also referred to as AT-series, or the AT-series walker family, vehicles were a series of walkers made by Kuat Drive Yards, its subsidiaries Rothana Heavy Engineering, and Kuat Systems Engineering, and was most widely used by the Galactic Republic and the Galactic Empire.

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The AT series from the Kuat Drive Yards sported a general design scheme resembling modern tank armor. The primary weapons were almost always some kind of laser cannon, though the amount and power varied from vehicle to vehicle. The Galactic Republic's use of the AT series consisted of vehicles with red stripes to denote their affiliation, whereas the Galactic Empire's broad use of them was without stripes.[source?]

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AT-AT Shadow Syndicate by Shomaker

An AT-AT walking to the front


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