The All Terrain Defense Turret (AT-DT)[1] was a bipedal walker used by the Galactic Empire. It was a slow walker due to the size of its main cannon, which fired a massive shot that exploded on impact. While firing, it was rendered immobilized. It was vulnerable to anti-vehicle weapons as a result of its light armor.[2] It also possessed a front armor plate with artillery flashback shielding.[1]


Solo trailer AT-DT

An AT-DT on Mimban.

In 10 BBY,[1] during the Mimban campaign, several Imperial AT-DTs were deployed on Mimban by the 224th Imperial Armored Division to fight against the forces of the Mimbanese Liberation Army. They were delivered to the battlefield by Y-45 armored transport haulers.[4]

Sometime prior to the Galactic Civil War, Lando Calrissian and L3-37 met with an Er'Kit arms dealer and acquired a shipment of All Terrain Defense Turrets. Calrissian and L3, however, were ambushed in the Halthor sector when an Imperial interdictor dropped out from hyperspace. As a result of the ambush, Calrissian lost the entire shipment.[2]

After the Battle for Tatooine, Saponza's Gang came in possession of Calrissian's holorecordings, including Holojournal Entry 1983712, and received chatter from the criminal underworld of the older and heavily-armed AT-DT walkers being utilized. Saponza deduced that someone must have found Calrissian's shipment, and that people would be hunting for the rest of the cargo. Saponza and his partner embarked on a mission to recover Lando Calrissian's shipment.[2]

Rebel AT-DT SW-C

A Rebel AT-DT

During the Galactic Civil War, the Rebel Alliance utilized stolen AT-DTs and re-purposed them to suit their needs. Rather than being standard gray like the AT-DTs used by the Empire, the Rebel Alliance's had a dark gray and orange red color scheme.[2]

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Behind the scenesEdit

The first footage of the All Terrain Defense Turret was shown in the Solo: A Star Wars Story official trailer on April 8, 2018.[5] The AT-DT design started out as a German anti-aircraft gun on the body of an All Terrain Scout Transport added by design supervisor James Clyne.[6]


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