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The All Terrain Experimental Transport (AT-XT) was an experimental armored assault walker used by the Grand Army of the Republic during the Clone Wars. It was a predecessor to the AT-RT and AT-ST, the latter of which was used extensively by the Galactic Empire.


The AT-XT was equipped with twin laser cannons mounted under its chin and two long-range proton mortar launchers.[1]

Also, as a defensive measure, some units were equipped with a plasma shield capable of absorbing enemy fire for a short period of time. In spite of its reasonably slow max speed of seventy-five kilometers per hour, which was only fifteen kilometers per hour faster than the AT-TE, and five kilometers per hour faster than the normal speed of the AT-RT, it was capable of demolishing entire columns of enemies.[1]


The Dark Reaper CrisisEdit

AT-XTs played a very important role in bringing the Dark Reaper Project to a halt. They fought during the battles of Rhen Var and Thule.[1]



AT-XTs deployed with General Kenobi's Third Systems Army on Jabiim.

Although it was a highly effective combat vehicle, the AT-XT was never mass-produced as its designers were constantly improving its design and combat capabilities. Even though it didn't see as much combat as the AT-TE or AT-RT, the design of the AT-XT would prove to be valuable to Imperial designers as an inspiration for the AT-ST walker that would be used extensively throughout the Galactic Civil War.

Rebellion EraEdit

In addition to its design-legacy, various AT-XT models were retained in use by the Galactic Empire, mostly for research and development purposes.[2] Even Rebellion forces eventually acquired the vehicles and used them in multiple sieges, challenging any garrisoned AT-STs present.[3]



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