The All Terrain Mobile Artillery (AT-MA)[1] was a model of four-legged base defense walker used by the First Order to defend Starkiller Base.[2] While it resembled the All Terrain Armored Transport once used by the Galactic Empire in terms of size and weaponry, the AT-MA was primarily designed for defense, rather than transport or assault.[1] Several of these walkers were deployed across the planet to protect its installations, and at least three of them were present during General Armitage Hux's speech before the destruction of the Hosnian system.[3] Several All Terrain Mobile Artillery walkers could be stored in the ground vehicles storage area of a Resurgent-class Star Destroyer.[4]

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Teaser image, walkers on the right.

Originally created for the 2015 film Star Wars: Episode VII The Force Awakens,[3] the All Terrain Mobile Artillery was first revealed in a promotional image shared by Star Wars Twitter and Google+ accounts on August 10, 2015.[5] It was first identified in Star Wars: Rogue One: AT-ACT Deluxe Book and 3D Wood Model, a Star Wars IncrediBuilds woodshop activity book written by Michael Kogge[1] and released on May 23, 2017.[6]

Concept art for vehicles similar to the walkers appears in The Art of Star Wars: The Force Awakens.[7]

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