The All Terrain Scout Transport/Assault (AT-ST/A) was a variant of the AT-ST walker.


It was approximately 10 meters tall, and was more heavily armed than its shorter cousin, sporting a large, single-barreled heavy blaster cannon instead of the double medium blaster cannons.

The AT-ST/A's legs had greater reinforcement, and its gyro-stabilizing systems were improved from the original design. It was also fitted with enclosed viewports for added protection of the crew.


Rebel spies first spotted the vehicle early in the Galactic Civil War, but variants of the AT-ST/A design would continue to be deployed throughout the conflict, even participating in the devastating Imperial in-fighting on Coruscant in 10 ABY.

Behind the scenesEdit


Sketch of an unnamed AT-ST variant from The Star Wars Sourcebook, similar to the AT-ST/A.

The AT-ST/As originated in concept art for the ground-battle on Endor, where it was to have taken the role of the AT-ST (which would be modified from its The Empire Strikes Back-appearance).

Ultimately, a slightly different look was chosen and the Expanded Universe recycled the designs into a bigger, stronger AT-ST variant, more suited for an assault-role.



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