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"All good clones must come to an end" is the eighteenth comic in a series on the official LEGO Star Wars website. It finishes the story arc started in "A droid in the hand is worth two in the asteroid belt." It was placed on the website on November 25, 2009.

Plot summaryEdit

A unit of clones are seeking R2-D2 when they encounter battle droids led by Nute Gunray. Fighting ensues, excluding 1139 who is still tied up from events earlier. The mobility compromised 1139 is then freed by his tauntaun, and together they eliminate the droids, driving Gunray into flight aboard his shuttle. The clones having used this shuttle to arrive on Endor are thus stranded.

Fortunately for the clones, they quickly discover jetpacks and utilize them to traverse the moon until they find three Y-wings. They abscond with these in an act that leaves the owners of the starfighters—Plo Koon, Yoda and Mace Windu—stranded instead. However, as they launch away from Endor, the group is caught in a tractor beam and brought into a Star Destroyer. Here they are reprimanded for their failure by none other than Supreme Chancellor Palpatine himself. Displeased with them, the Supreme Chancellor dismisses them from the military, at which point the clones take opportunity to excuse themselves for a beach vacation.


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