Allegiance 3 is the third, penultimate issue of the canon comic book miniseries Star Wars: Allegiance. It was written by Ethan Sacks, illustrated by Luke Ross, and published on October 23, 2019 by Marvel Comics. The issue features the story "Dark Side of the Moon," which is set after the events of the 2017 film Star Wars: Episode VIII The Last Jedi.

Publisher's summary[]

BEFORE THE EXCITING EVENTS OF STAR WARS: THE RISE OF SKYWALKER! Decades after Imperial occupation enslaved their planet, there are those willing to stop at nothing to prevent another war from bloodying the waters of Mon Cala.

Plot summary[]

Part III
General Leia Organa has traveled to Mon Cala to find
aid for the Resistance's fight against the evil First
Order. Unfortunately for her, a Quarren adviser named
Chadkol Gee spoke out against them, favoring an
isolationist policy following the death of his family at
the hands of the Empire.

While on their mission to recover lost ordnance, Finn
and Poe Dameron were attacked by a band of ruthless
bounty hunters. Separated from Poe in the initial
ambush, Finn now finds himself trapped in his ship on
the Moon of Avedot.

Back on Mon Cala, tensions boiled over when Rey and
Rose were attacked by Quarren on the streets of Dac
City. Meanwhile, Chadkol Gee concocted a devious plot
to get rid of Leia and her Resistance fighters—by
offering their location to the First Order....

Trials of the Resistance[]

Following the fight with the Quarren criminals, Rey, Rose Tico, and Chewbacca are hauled before the Royal Throne Chamber's Court of Justice in Dac City. General Leia Organa tells her followers that starting a brawl in the middle of a delicate negotiation was not the best choice. Rose wants to apologize but Leia fears that it will not be enough to satisfy King Ech-Char. Rey says that Rose was meaning to apologize to her. Leia tells them not to start any more crises in the next few months.

General Nossor Ri introduces the ill King Ech-Char, who will preside over the trial. Ech-Char tells Leia that he has received her politely because of the history she has with the people of Mon Cala but that her people have gone too far. Nossor Ri opines that Mon Cala cannot afford to be blinded by nostalgia, claiming that the offworlders have launched an unprovoked attack on their citizens. Chewbacca roars in disagreement, leading Rose to say that this outburst is not going to help. Rey tries to explain that they did not launch the attack but Leia reiterates her warning about not starting any more crises.

Aftab Ackbar comes to the defense of Leia's followers, asking Nossor Ri to explain why a mob of his supporters happened to be gathering at the platform where their guests' ship was docked. He points out that Nossor Ri associates with some violent elements. When Nossor Ri accuses Aftab of not showing him the same respect that his father Gial Ackbar accorded him, Aftab responds that Ackbar died fighting the First Order while Ri hid in the depths of Mon Cala.

Nossor Ri accuses Aftab of not knowing the brutality of Imperial rule. Leia intervenes and warns that fighting among themselves only benefits the First Order. She urges the Mon Calamari and Quarren to work together to keep the galaxy free of the tyranny that their ancestors had fought decades ago. Chadkol Gee proposes settling the debate by the ancient rite of challenge. Ech-Char protests that the rite of challenge is a barbaric custom that has not been invoked in centuries.

When Rey asks what is the rite of challenge, C-3PO explains that it is a trial by combat where belligerents fight to the death. The loser's remains is usually fed to krakana. Rey agrees to accept the rite of challenge in return for freeing her friends. She says that they don't have time for endless debate and that the rite of challenge is the fastest way to clear their names and win the Mon Calamari to their cause. Leia warns that this kind of challenge can't be taken back. Rey says that she doesn't want to see her friends suffer and is confident she can defeat Chadkol.

Chadkol points out that he won't be Rey's opponent for the rite of challenge. He reveals that she will be fighting Arkay-Nine, a modified [[Aqua droid that serves as his personal security droid. Chadkol explains that the droid is a relic of the Battle of Mon Cala that occurred during the Clone Wars. A despondent C-3PO wishes that the other Resistance Mission is having a "better experience."

Eluding the bounty hunters[]

Meanwhile at Base 354-23X, Finn and Poe Dameron barricade themselves inside a store room. Kendoh Voss tells Finn that he can either give himself up or be killed; adding that the First Order will pay them regardless. She orders Wooro to intensify the laser cannon, which is cutting through the blast door. Poe tells Finn that he is not going to let him take on the bounty hunters by himself. Finn tries to reassure Poe that he has a plan but Poe is not confident about Finn's plan. Believing that the bounty hunters don't know Poe is around, Finn explains that his plan is to climb through the ducts and get the bounty hunters to chase him long enough so that Poe can get those weapons on the ship. Poe can then come and bail him out.

After breaking down the door, Kendoh sends Wooro inside the storeroom while Poe and BB-8] hide behind a crate. Finn proceeds with his escape plan but falls through a hatch and lands on the Clawdite Remex Io. Poe realizes that Finn's plan has gone awry. Finn attempts to hold Io at gunpoint but the Clawdite uses his shape-shifting powers to assume the form of a Lasat and then a Wookiee. Though Io gains the upper hand, Wooro accidentally stuns the Clawdite instead of Finn. Finn flees while a furious Kendoh orders the Aqualish bounty hunter to capture Finn.

The rite of challenge[]

Back on Mon Cala, Rey duels with Arkay-Nine in an arena packed with Mon Calamari and Quarren. Rey dodges the droid's massive blades but is unable to inflict much damage on the droid. Rey is forced to dodge the droid's laser blasts, which also hits some of the spectators. Fearing for the safety of Rey and the spectators, Rose convinces Chewbacca to break free and grab a blaster in order to hit the droid's core processor.

Arkay-Nine eventually corners Rey. As she faces down the droid, Rose grabs a blaster and blasts off the droid's head. Rose defends her actions, saying that she was not going to allow her friends to suffer wile she can do something about it. Realizing what she has done, Rose apologizes to General Organa for ruining the negotiations. Lei reassures her that no warships are worth the cost of losing sight of what they are fighting for. Chadkol is outraged at the interference to the rite of challenge. King Ech-Char concurs and orders the Resistance to leave Mon Cala immediately.

On the run[]

Back on Avedot, Kendoh sends Basso Mak to circle the Resistance's ship in order to prevent Finn from escaping. Basso is worried about the lights but Kendoh orders him not to leave his post. While BB-8 alternates the light at Base 354-23X, Poe begins loading rates of blasters aboard the Resistance freighter.

Elsewhere in the base, Poe runs into the path of Wooro. He attempts to knock out the Aqualish but the burly bounty hunter knocks him to the ground. Outmatched, Finn flees into a hangar where he sees a parked T-47 airspeeder. Finn fires a harpoon gun at Wooro. While Wooro is impaled by the harpoon gun, he is also knocked out by the gun's recoil.

Resistance in peril[]

At the Resistance camp on the garbage planet of Anoat, Lieutenant Kaydel Ko Connix informs General Jonato and R2-D2 that they have been receiving reports that several First Order Star Destroyers are heading towards Mon Cala. They attempt to warn General Organa and her party but discover that the First Order is jamming communications across the Mon Cala system.

Back in Dac City, Aftab guides General Organa and her party towards a shuttle that will take them back to the Millennium Falcon. He apologizes that they cannot guarantee their safety on the streets and for the failure of her mission. Leia reassures Aftab that he did his best to help them and that Admiral Ackbar would have been proud of his son. Aftab replies that Ackbar would not have allowed isolationists like Nossor Ri and Chadkol Gee outwit him like he did. Rey notices an unidentified Quarren carrying a crate aboard their shuttle. The shuttle then explodes.



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