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The Alliance Civil Government was the governmental command council of the Alliance to Restore the Republic, existing alongside the Alliance Military. It was led by Mon Mothma, the Chancellor of the Rebel Alliance. Within the Civil Government was the Alliance Cabinet, made up of six members with different areas of responsibility. It was the aim of the Alliance Civil Government to restore the Galactic Republic and the Galactic Senate, upon which the Civil Government modeled itself.


The Alliance Civil Government functioned as the political leadership of the Alliance to Restore the Republic, alongside the Alliance Military that acted as the paramilitary force of the Rebellion. The Civil Government was formed around the ideals of democracy, with its goal being to restore the Galactic Republic that was supplanted by the Galactic Empire, and bring about a true democratic Galactic Senate once more.[1]

At the head of the Civil Government was its Chief of State, Chancellor Mon Mothma. Under her leadership was the Alliance Cabinet, representing military and civilian representatives. The cabinet, six individuals in total, represented diverse points of view in order to encourage debate and disagreement in a democratic form of government. This sometimes led to gridlock within the Civil Government, so Mothma, though wary of the same type of executive power wielded by the Galactic Empire that the Alliance stood in opposition to, would sometimes have to wield a firm hand in ensuring that decisions were reached.[1]

The members of the Alliance Cabinet each had different responsibilities in Alliance affairs. Senator Nower Jebel of Uyter served as the Alliance Minister of Finance. Vasp Vaspar, senator of the Taldot sector, was the Minister of Industry. Senator Tynnra Pamlo of Taris served as Minister of Education. Bail Organa, former senator of Alderaan, also served in the cabinet, and he was one of the earliest initiators of rebellion as well as an early organizer of direct resistance against the Empire.[1]


The Rebel Alliance Fleet was sent to Scarif.

The Alliance Civil Government was formed sometime prior to the Battle of Scarif and acted as the political half of the Rebel Alliance command system.[1] In 0 BBY, members of the Civil Government debated how to respond to the threat of the Death Star. Ultimately, the Alliance Fleet was sent to the planet Scarif to aid in the theft the Death Star plans.[4]

The ultimate aim of the Civil Government, and of the Alliance itself, was to restore the Republic and its Senate.[1] These goals were achieved towards the end of the Galactic Civil War, when the Rebel Alliance gave rise to the New Republic and a new Galactic Senate.[7]


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